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            All Firearm shipments must go to a valid FFL holder. If semi automatic rifles are banned in your City or State then please don't try to purchase one. Instead, please vote out the elected Politicians in your area that don't trust you and would rather see you at the mercy of a criminal than to allow you the right of self protection. We can however remove the evil features that make these illegal in your area. We don’t like to bastardize rifles so it will cost extra for these rifles to become AWB compliant.

We are listed with the California DOJ and the LRB M15SA is not banned in Cali. We will ship all AR style rifles with a bullet button and no mag. $30.00 needs to be added to any of our rifles going to California.

Payment Options:

            Missouri Residents must pay Sales tax. Checks held until clear. Postal Money Order gets shipped out ASAP. Credit/Debit Cards add 3% to the total including shipping. Returns are accepted within 7 days of receipt as long as rifle is in the same condition as sold. Refund will be minus all shipping. Please ask as many questions as you need to before you buy.














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